Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have applied to so many jobs and no luck! I feel like there is a lot of jobs to apply to, but there is also a lot of people competing for the jobs. It gets very frustrating because I know my qualifications fit these jobs and they do not call me. The jobs I have been applying for are mostly retail management and merchandising jobs, which I am not extremely excited about. I loved the makeup part of my previous job so I have recently been looking into makeup schools to learn how to do makeup for the entertainment industry. Last week I went to Joe Blasco's makeup training center which is walking distance from my apartment. It was so awesome! It is an 11 week course where you learn all about makeup, from beauty to bruises. They were doing injury makeup when I was touring. I am going to visit another makeup school next week to see compare prices, etc. Hopefully this will pan out for me and I can do a job that I love!

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