Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I am newely married, in LA and looking for a job! While looking I have been very bored. My day usually consists of applying to jobs, searching facebook, checking emails, watching TV, cooking and reading other people's blogs. So I decided that even though I do not have a baby yet, people might want to read about what I am up to. If not, at least I will have an outlet to talk to people about what is going on with myself since I don't have many friends out here.

I love to cook (because of growing up in a kitchen) and decided that I will focus most of my blog on sharing some good and bad recipes with you. I don't know about you, but I hate trying new recipes unless I have already cooked them or have had a recommendation from someone else. It is so frustruating to go out and buy all the ingredients then slave other the recipe to have it come out tasting horrible! So I will make some recipes and share them with you so you won't have to go through this.

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PAT said...

Shelbi, thanks for including me in your blog!
I need all the help I can get for "ole folks"
makeup and skin care. what info do u have on "mature skin"? Perhaps an extreme face makeover!!!!!!