Thursday, December 3, 2009

Banana Shake!

I had some bananas that were browning the other day and I hate for food to go bad so I made a banana shake. I found a recipe in a cookbook I have, but I didn't have all the ingredients they asked for so I changed it up. This is something I do often...if you do not have the exact ingredients for a recipe you can look in your pantry and find something similar, it will taste great and no one will ever know.

Banana Shake
1 banana
3-4 ice cubes
2 cups milk
about 3 tablespoons of flavored coffee creamer (I use creme brulee flavored, but I am sure other flavors will work)
about 1 Tb of honey

Put in a blender and blend until frothy!

SOO good!

UPDATE! I made this shake today and decided to add a big scoop of peanut butter instead of the was awesome! Plus you get the added bonus of some protein!

Peanut Butter and Nutella in this shake is very good!

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