Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cooking Light is not Right...Plus Jeffrey's website!

Jeffrey has been working really hard for the past 2 months on his website. It has finally launched and I am so proud of it and think it looks great. Of course he still isn't happy with it. The picture quality isn't as high as he wanted. Most of us do not realize the difference in picture quality... Anyways you should check it out!!

So tonight was one of those horrible cooking failures where you buy all kinds of new ingredients to cook it and spend extra time making it, then it tastes blah! This is the reason I said that I do not like to cook new recipes until I have had a recommendation from someone or have tasted it before. BUT, I have a cooking blog now and have to make some cooking mistakes so that you can see that it happens to all of us. Sometimes there are gems that come out of new recipes like the Nawlins' shrimp!!
My first clue should have been that this was a Cooking Light recipe. My new saying is "There is something not right about Cooking Light!" I have always wanted to cook great Asian food because I love it, but I have now decided that it will never be a specialty of mine. The recipes were Mandarin Beef and Fried Rice. Here are some pictures of the food, I am not going to go into the cooking process because I do not recommend you make it! It looks great, but there were some problems. First I tried to be extra light by using brown rice instead of white rice and it didn't work. The brown rice doesn't absorb the oil and so you are left with alot of oil coated on the rice. I also think I put too much soy sauce because I made less rice than the recipe called for and still added the same amount of soy sauce..

I didn't do anything against the recipe for the beef, it just didn't have the same crunchy/chewy texture as you expect from Mandarin Beef.

I also made my own sweet and sour sauce because I love to put it on fried rice. The recipe I made called for Rice Vinegar but it said if you needed to it could be substituted for white vinegar. So I made it with white, and I can see how it would have been good with the Rice vinegar.

My husband is sooo AWESOME because he will eat anything I put in front of him (as long as it isn't totally fattening and there is a protein and carb). He can get over the taste and eat it. Therefore the meal wasn't wasted, he ate his whole plate. I ate a little bit and then gave up and ate some peanut butter ice cream....Don't worry, tomorrow I am making a meal that I have made before and know tastes great!

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Sarah Bradford Griffin said...

I try to cook Asian food all the time and it NEVER works. There is always something missing and I can't figure out what it is. My latest obsession is the lettuce wraps from Pei Wei. I have tried two different recipes and I was disappointed both times.

Your blog is really neat and it sounds like your life fits your personality perfect! You have always been so fashionable and lady like. I can easily imagine you cooking and shopping in L.A.!