Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LA Shopping! and Popcorn!

Today I went to a shopping center in Glendale that made me feel very LA! For those of you in the Dallas area, it puts the Southlake Center to shame. I wish I'd had my camera to take pictures. It is called the Americana at Brand. Come visit me and we will go shop there! I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping. Only 2 gifts left!

Tuesday nights I have Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) therefore I don't make a big dinner. Tonight our small group had a fellowship after the lecture and I made popcorn to take for a snack. To my BSF girls, I had a great time at fellowship tonight!! See you next week! If anyone who is reading my blog is looking to join a bible study, you should look for a BSF class in your area, you will meet amazing women and learn more about our God than you would ever dream.

This is the special "Elfert" popcorn recipe that is a hit with everyone I have ever made it for. We have been eating it since we were kids. I have made it for parties, school projects, study food (tastes great with coffee), and even dinner. Popcorn is one of my favorite foods and this recipe is an old favorite! There is nothing like fresh popped corn. You cannot use microwaved popcorn for this recipe!!

"Elfert Popcorn"
Popcorn Kernels (I like Orville Redenbacher)
Vegetable Oil
Parmesan (in the green can)
Lawry's Seasoning Salt

Choose which pot you want to use based on how much popcorn you need. For 1-2 people use the small saucepan, 3-4 people Medium saucepan, 5-10 people large stockpot. You must have a matching lid!

I am making for a group of 10 people so I am using the large stockpot.
Pour enough oil in the pot to cover the bottom of the pan.
put 1-3 popcorn kernels in the oil and turn the heat to medium high.

The oil will be heated at the right temperature when the kernels pop.

Pour the kernels into the pan, enough to just barely cover the bottom of the pot.

Put the lid on and turn the heat down to Medium.
The popcorn will begin to pop.
When the popping slows down take the pot off the heat and wait a for popping to stop before taking off the lid.

Pour the popcorn in a large bowl, you may need two bowls if you have too much popcorn.

While tossing the popcorn around in the bowl (shaking the bowl so the the popcorn moves around), Shake the Lawry's seasoning salt into the popcorn. I do not measure this, just use enough for the seasoning to barely cover the popcorn. Do not over do it. taste and see if you have enough.

Now shake the Parmesan onto the popcorn while shaking the bowl. Again I do not measure, you will use more Parmesan than seasoning salt.


Just so you know you may have to make more. I once got on a popcorn frenzy and its all I wanted to eat for lunch and dinner for almost a month... yeah I know I am weird.

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Cassie said...

ummm...we make popcorn like that too! and we are totally addicted! we make a huge pot for just the two of us! and a little secret, its not bad the next morning either :)