Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shelbi's Everything but the Kitchen Sink Alfredo Sauce

I have never looked up a recipe for Alfredo Sauce, but I assume it is just cream, cheese and garlic. I have been making this cheese sauce for years. Before I was married I made it to eat over pasta when I was running low of groceries (I always have cheese avaliable!) The sauce is always a little different because it depends on what cheese I have in my fridge.

1 1/2 Tb butter
2 tsp minced garlic
1 cup of cream (I mix heavy cream and half and half or sometimes just half and half)
1 slice of laughing cow swiss cheese (I love this stuff and use it in everything!)
1 cup of cheese here are your options: Any pre-shredded cheeses like Monterrey Jack, Colby Jack, Italian Cheese Blend, Feta Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Fontina...ok so you get it, whatever cheese you like (I wouldn't use goat cheese or blue cheese, but you can try it if you like)
Black Pepper
Optional: Red Pepper Flakes (makes it spicy)

Start by cooking the garlic in the butter, also add a few shakes of red pepper flakes if you want.

Add the laughing cow cheese slice and mush up so that it will melt.

Add the rest of the cheese and stir.

Add cream slowly while stirring.
Keep stirring until all the cheese is melted.

Serve over pasta, chicken, even vegetables if you like.
Soon I will be posting a recipe that uses my cheese sauce, so stay tuned!

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