Friday, May 14, 2010

New Kitchen Gadgets!

While shopping in Aviara earlier in the week, we went to Sur la Table. I LOVE kitchen stores, they are right up there with the makeup counter! I found 2 new tools that I was excited to share with you.

Juice Press with Gear Mechanism <--Click here to see the product online.

My first juice press was a life changing cooking tool. As you know, I use a lot of lemon and limes! I have had my normal juice press for almost 2 years now and it was on its last limb. I convinced Jeffrey's aunt Carol that she needed it for her kitchen and after talking about how great it was she let me have it! I was soo excited!

Spaghetti Measure <--Click here to see the product online (I couldn't find it on Sur La Table so I found it on Amazon)

The other tool I got is a spaghetti measure. It never know how much spaghetti to make. This tool measures how much you need up to 4 servings. I tried it tonight and it worked! So fun!

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