Friday, July 2, 2010

Lime Butter Chicken

I just finished watching the Miss Texas pagent via webcast. Congratulations to the winner Ashley Melnick. Because of the poor quality of the webcast I didn't get to see the whole competition, but I liked her because she goes to TCU and she was competing as Miss Fort Worth!! I have to admit I am a pageant junky. I grew up going to see my friend Morgan Matlock (now Hightower) compete in pageants. Her family always tried to convince me to compete in them, but I was too shy. We went to see her compete in Miss Teen Texas for several years, then she competed in Miss Texas for about 5 years, before she won in 2005. I went to each of the preliminary nights and kept score of the girls I liked. Those times are some of my favorite summer memories. This year was the 75 anniversary of the Miss Texas pageant and they had many former Miss Texas' perform during the competition, so I just had to watch Morgan for old times sake. Also, I am obsessed with the Toddlers and Tiara's show on TLC....
This picture is of Morgan and I after she won Miss Texas

Many of you have told me how much you like my Sour Cream Chicken recipe. I read Megan's comment about her husband picking at the baking dish after dinner and I have to admit that I did the same thing! I think the appeal of the dish was how simple it was. Here is another great chicken dish for you. It is was so tasty that even seeing the blood from my finger wound didn't take away my appetite. Later this week I am going to try making this dish using fish. I will let you know how it goes.

Lime Butter Chicken
1 chicken breast
Vegetable Oil
salt and pepper
1/4 cup lime juice
1/2 cup butter
1 Tb fresh chives
1 tsp tarragon
Pound your chicken.
Chop chives
Salt and pepper chicken breasts, then dredge both sides in flour.
Cover the bottom of a pan with oil. Cook chicken on both sides.
Someone told me that covering the pan when pan searing the chicken will make it more moist. I think it did cook better, but next time I am going to try covering while cooking on one side then uncovering when I cook the other side.
Heat lime juice in a sauce pan until it begins to boil.
Add melted butter to lime juice
Add chives and tarragon and stir until thickens.
Add a little salt to taste.
Pat oil off chicken.
Pour sauce over chicken.
This is when it turned dangerous. I was trying to cut a lime to garnish the plate and the knife slid off the lime and onto my finger. There was lots of blood and I do not do blood! So needless to say I was too distracted to take a final picture.

Update!! I made this dish with fish the other night and it wasn't and good as I thought it would be. I have decided that I do not like Mahi Mahi it is just too thick! (remember that I had to buy Mahi Mahi instead of Tilapia last time I went to Costco) I will try it with Tilapia and let you know how it is.

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