Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fancy Ham Sliders

Ahhh! I hate headaches! As many of you know I suffer from sinus headaches that turn into migraines. Thankfully they usually don't last longer than a few hours, but sometimes they can last 2-3 days. This one started yesterday, I blame it on the heat! I came home from work last night and went straight to bed. This morning there was a little relief, but I knew it wasn't the end, here we go again! So glad the heat will be going away this weekend. 99 degrees with no air conditioning is not fun!

My wonderful friend and sous chef, Megan, calls me sometimes to get advice about what she should make for dinner. A few weeks ago, she called to say she had a spiral ham that someone had given them as a gift and wanted to know what to do with it. I remembered a catering job that I helped my mom with one time that made ham sandwiches that were amazing. After calling mom, we sort of remembered what was in them. Megan emailed with rave reviews and I was determined to put them on the blog! PS this is a good summer meal because it requires less cooking, therefore, less heating up the kitchen! On another note: I practiced using my new camera yesterday and tonight I will be shooting my first dinner with it!! 

Fancy Ham Sliders
A ham (I know a big Christmas ham from "Honey Baked Hams" would have been better, but Jeffrey and I didn't need that big of a ham for the 2 of us)
Good Rolls (these are the Hawiaan Rolls)
1/2 onion
3 Tb butter
Dijion Mustard
Mango Chutney or Chipolte Raspberry jam (I can't find the Raspberry jam here. You know the one that we pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers, or serve with pork tenderloin. In Texas I could find it at Walmart!)
Optional: Provolone cheese slices

Thinly slice onion.

Melt 2 Tb butter in a skillet on low heat. Cook onion on medium low for several minutes. stirring slowly. Do not cook too fast, you want to caramelize the onion.

Slice the rolls in half. 

Melt remaining 1 Tb butter in a skillet and toast buns on both sides.

Spread dijion mustard on one side of the bun and jam on the other side.

Pile caramelized onions on the buns, followed by ham slices and cheese.

These are fantastic! I served with salad and peaches, a perfect summer meal!


The Lewis' said...

This seriously is such a delicious dinner. Less work and yet very impressive! Happy hubby too!

Amy Lambert Lee said...

Hey Shelbi!
The last photo totally reminded me of an amazing salad I had the other night...
We went to Nonna for Restaurant Week in Dallas with some friends. I had a salad that was literally thin slices of prociutto with fresh peaches and SUPER fresh arugula. It couldn't have been more delicious. I used the prociutto to wrap it up and YUM!
P.S. Blog looks amazing!