Monday, December 6, 2010


Today is Baking Day with my 3Bs (this is what I have named Meg, Em and I. It stands for Blonde, BSF, Babes.) We are baking several different desserts to give as gifts for Christmas. I am so excited. I will be making Cake Balls. Hopefully it will go well and I will blog about it. I love having friends that also love to cook, it is defiantly a fun activity.
The 3Bs!

RADISHES! I don't know how, but I had never tried a radish before until Thanksgiving. Jeffrey's cousin Melissa introduced them to us on Thanksgiving. We had all eaten earlier in the day and then the "young adults" (I am not calling us kids anymore) went to play Wii at Melissa's brother's studio. She brought a yummy snack tray and radishes were on it and a bowl of salt to dip them in. We all loved them! It was hilarious, the radishes were the talk of the rest of the weekend.
Sweet Melissa! Thank you for the tip about Radishes!

The smaller radishes are less spicy and easier to eat. They come in a bunch with the green stems on them. Wash them well and leave the stems on. Cut off the long tails (roots) that are on the bottom of them.
Serve with Kosher salt. I was finally able to use my fun bird salt server that we got for our wedding, isn't it cute! My mission is to go find some flavored salts to serve with the radishes in Ruidoso over Christmas break.
PS Radishes are very good for you and so much lighter in calories than crackers and dip. Think about serving them on your Holiday Appetizer table, you may get a conversation going!

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