Friday, January 14, 2011

200th Blog Post! Top Ten of the last 100

Yea! I have reached another milestone, 100 more recipes have flown by! I made so many amazing recipes this past year, it is never boring in our kitchen. I tried to choose only 10 from recipes 100-200, but it was way too hard, so I chose 15 recipes that you must try! I promise if you make these correctly you will absolutely LOVE these recipes!

Number 15: Asian Roasted Shrimp
A pantry recipe that is so simple! I throw this together when I have nothing planned for dinner. The garlic sauce is chewy/crunchy and sweet!
I got this recipe from Dream Dinners. I get so many new ideas working there! Another pantry meal that can be thrown together last minute. It is also one of Jeffrey's favorites.

All I can say is, "Heavenly!"
This is put on the list because it is my friend Megan's favorite, as well as her mom, Nancy's. I think Nancy makes it at least once a week! I made it again the other night and remembered that is really is good!

I really like pantry meals! Here is another one that can be made with pantry items. These shrimp are amazing!

I make these often. They are easy to have on hand to grab for lunch, and Jeffrey will eat them too, (he is not a fan of pizza, dumb boy!)

I have tried a bunch of risottos this past year and this one is by far the best! Maybe it is because I love lemon so much! You do not have to make this delectable shrimp along with the risotto, but they complement each other well. 

I found this Crockpot recipe on Gina's Weight Watcher blog. It is one of Jeffrey's favorites!

Serve these chips at your next get together (Super Bowl maybe?) and you will be a star! 

I love soup! This is one of my favorite new soups. It is from Pioneer Woman of course....
I don't care that it is winter, I will be making this ice cream again next week! It is sooooooooooo delicious and tastes even better over a yummy chocolate brownie.

My mom loved these so much she made them for all her Christmas catering jobs!  I used to only make recipes that came from mom, now she gets some of her recipes from me, so cool!

I am a sucker for beef! Texas girl at heart! This recipe also came from Pioneer Woman. It is now my favorite beef recipe in the whole blog!

I have named it number 1 because I make it at least every 2 weeks and I still can't stop myself from eating it. Please try this recipe first, that is why it is number one!!

Like as said, these are some of my favorites, but there are a lot more yummy recipes to try! I hope you are still enjoying the blog as much as I enjoying blogging! 

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