Monday, February 28, 2011

For Grown Ups: Strawberry Champagne Float

I had a busy week! Wednesday I had the day off yet I was busy busy. I did laundry, got my hair cut and colored and cleaned the house. Then my neighbor Clare and I went to get ice cream at my new favorite dessert shop, Scoops! I had heard of Scoops in several food blogs and magazines. It is a small hole in the wall place that is known for their homemade interesting flavors. We had one of the best things I have ever tasted, Pear Champagne Sorbet! I also had an amazing Red Velvet Cake ice cream, YUM! Thursday night I hosted a 3B girl's night. We watched Idol and made dinner. I made my Lemon Fish Picatta for the girls, they loved it. Friday and Saturday we worked so hard at Dream Dinners, I was exhausted! Last night we went to a Oscar's party hosted by some of Jeffrey's new friends. They had amazing cheeses, wines, snacks, truffle popcorn, fancy grilled cheeses and homemade cookies. It is insane how much I ate! The Oscars were fun, but the fashion was better, click here to see my run down of the Oscar fashions.

I made a new grown up dessert on Thursday for my 3bs. We fell in love with these strawberry champagne floats! Meg and Em were trying to lick the inside of the wine glass, so funny...Try them, they are so easy and perfect for a girlie party!

Strawberry Champagne Float

Vanilla Float
Dice strawberries. 
Mix in 2 Tb of sugar and allow it to sit in fridge for at least 30 mins.
Put 2-3 scoops of ice cream in a wine goblet
Spoon strawberries evenly into each glass.
Slowly pour champagne into glass.
Serve with straw and a spoon.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Steak with Blue Cheese Butter

Several weeks ago I posted that I was working on a secret project for my bestie Katie Wheeler, who is getting married in April. Since I was unable to go to her bachelorette party this weekend I made her a Bachelorette Box. She has opened the box by now so I can share with you the pictures of what I made her.
This is her Bride to Be Shirt a the Bridal Sash for her to wear the says "Future Mrs. Wharry and Bride to Be." (Katie loves Polka Dots)
 The veil for her to wear this weekend.
 A wine glass for her to use, I especially love the rhinestones on the base.
My friend/neighbor, Clare made the box with me since she wasn't able to go to the party either. We sent pictures of our faces on sticks so we could be floating faces in the pictures. The box also included chocolate kisses, popcorn and sweet tea vodka. I hope you girls have fun this weekend, we miss you Katie!!

Steak with Blue Cheese Butter

1 strip of bacon
6 Tbsp butter (room temp)
1/4 cup blue cheese (I used gorgonzola)
New York Strip Steak
salt and pepper

Cook Bacon until crisp.
Allow to cool then crumble into small pieces.
Blend together butter, bacon and blue cheese.
Roll butter into parchment paper, then refrigerate for an hour or freeze for about 15 minutes.
See, it looks great!
Slice 2 pieces for each steak.
Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Cook Steak in olive oil (or butter) for 4-5 minutes on each side.
Place the slices of blue cheese butter on top of the steaks. Place the pan with the steaks into the oven for a few minutes.
Remove and let steaks sit for about 2 minutes before serving.
This is such a yummy steak, I have already made it twice and have it on the menu again. You can keep the butter in the freezer for a month before it goes bad, therefore you can make it easily several times.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lemony Shrimp and Grits

This post has been on the list for a long time coming. I liked it, but I think I have decided that I have a texture thing with grits. Kinda like I have a texture think with oatmeal. The first few bites are great, then I can't stand to eat anymore. If you like grits you should try it!
PS: I know you have noticed some of the edits I have been making to my blog. Hopefully I can continue to make improvements. I posted a new page above that is called "This Week's Menu" you should check it out.

Lemony Shrimp over Cheesy Grits

2 packets of instant grits
salt and pepper
2 Tb parmesan cheese
1 1/2 Tb butter
1/2 lb shrimp
1 clove garlic
pinch of cayenne pepper
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 Tb chopped parsley

Peel and devein shrimp.
Chop Parsley
Melt 1 Tb butter in skillet.
Add Shrimp, garlic and cayenne to skillet.
Toss and cook for 3-4 mins.
Add lemon juice, 1 Tb water and parsley to skillet. Remove from heat and stir.

Prepare the grits according to packet instructions.

After grits thicken, stir in cheese and 1/2 Tb butter.

Serve shrimp over cheesy grits.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lemon Fish Piccata with Lemon Infused Fettuccine

This weekend I went to Palm Springs for my lifelong friend, Elizabeth's Bachelorette party. It was so beautiful and relaxing! I had a blast getting caught up with my old friends. I snapped some pictures of the pre-party. The dinner and dancing were a blast, but what happens at the bachelorette party......well it stays at the bachelorette party...!

 The beautiful Bride!
Her lingerie party! 

 Paige, Elizabeth and I all grown up! (We were stuck at the hip during elementary school.)
 Such a cute cake, It tasted even better. I mean this cake was REALLY good, I think it was the best cake I have ever tasted!! And you better believe I ate it for breakfast the next day.

I know you hear this a lot, but this is my new favorite meal! I loved it so much that I was already planning when I could have it again after my first bite.

Lemon Fish Piccata with Lemon Infused Fettuccine

Lemon Fish Piccata
2 Tilapia filets
2 Tbsp of olive oil
salt and pepper
1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup white wine
1 1/2 lemons
2 Tbsp capers
2 Tb butter
2 Tbsp parsley or basil
 Pat dry the tilapia filets.
 Stir together flour with salt and pepper, then dredge the fish in the flour mixture.
 Heat olive oil in a pan, then add fish. Cook for 3 minutes on each side.
 I may have cooked the fish a little longer than three minutes on this side...oh well it was still delicious!
 Remove fish and set on a serving plate.
 Add wine and lemon juice to pan.
 Whisk the sauce in the pan, cooking for one minute.
Add the capers and butter to the pan.
 Stir until butter is incorporated into the sauce.
 Pour sauce over fish and top with lemon zest of basil or parsley.

Lemon Infused Fettuccine
1/2 pound Fettuccine
2 Tbsp of olive oil
Zest of 1 lemon
salt and pepper
2 Tb of parmesan

 Zest Lemon
Heat olive oil in pan and add lemon zest. Do not burn...I kinda let my oil get too hot. You just want to smell the oil to be about medium low. Allow the fragrance of the lemon zest to come out and them remove from heat.
 Boil Pasta.
 Before draining, reserve some pasta water.
 Drain pasta and add lemon infused olive oil.
 Add about 2 Tablespoons of pasta water, parmesan and salt and pepper.
 Stir together, and whah la!
 Serve the fish piccata and sauce with the lemon infused pasta. SOOO excited to have this again soon.