Tuesday, June 21, 2011

S'mores and Margs

This was from a long time ago, but it is part 2 from the barbecue with the 3Bs! We have so much fun, I am very lucky to have these girls to hang with.
We made S'mores! We mixed it up by using snickers. I also mixed in some old fashion Hershey's chocolate bars.
Have you tried the Skinny Girl Margaritas? They are so tasty! I love the agave nectar because it isn't too sweet of a drink. We just drank it over ice. Will definitely be a staple at the 3Bs girl's nights!

Cheers to good friends!
Ems new lounge chairs! Soo comfy!

 I am sure you already know, but for s'mores we need graham crackers, marshmallows, snickers (or your favorite chocolate bar) and a long stick of some sort!
Put several marshmallows on a metal stick and roast them over a fire, or a gas stove!
Of course they taste best when burnt!

Put your chocolate on the graham cracker. I alternated Hersheys and snickers.
Place roasted marshmallows on the chocolate then smoosh with the other graham cracker.
Do you think you can enjoy s'mores as much as Meg?
Or Em?
I know I do! I love s'mores!!
Ems cute chocolat napkins.
Of course, in true 3Bs style, we had to go back for round 2 of dessert.

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