Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Radish chips

We finally got an entertainment center! We have been looking for a new TV stand every since we moved in, especially since we got our new flat screen TV (a year ago last January). Nothing was standing out to us and we didn't want to spend $1,500 on the ones we did like! Yesterday we decided to look in some antique/thrift stops in Silverlake. The first store we went in had a perfect buffet table from the 1950's which was the exact size we were looking for and it was also only $395! The only problem was it would need another piece to fit under it for the DVR and Blue ray to fit on. We didn't know what we were looking for and went into a thrift store and found an old chest. I was like, omg that would be perfect! I also knew we had a blue light case in the garage that I had always wanted to use somewhere. The chest was only $45! So we bought them both and set it up last night. We are very proud of our $440 entertainment center! Here are pictures:

Before. We got these film reels for our wedding and were waiting to hang them when we bought a TV stand.

  After. Jeffrey is not happy I am posting these pictures before we fixed the wires. I need to go to Target to get some adhesive hooks so we can fix them.
Isn't the finish on this table cool! We are obsessed!
 So glad we kept this light box!

Lately all the blogs are featuring Kale chips. I keep meaning to try them, but first here is some radish chips! Jeffrey LOVES Radishes. He also LOVES chips. These were a big hit for him.

Radish Chips
1 bunch of radishes
about 1/4 tsp of: turmeric, garlic powder, cumin, paprika
1/2 tsp salt
1 Tbsp olive oil
Slice radishes very thin. I used my mandolin!
Stir olive oil into the bowl.
Stir in all seasonings.
Spray the baking pan real well, then arrange radishes in a single layer.
Cook for 15 minutes at 350, then reduce heat to 225 for another 20 minutes.
Remove and cool before serving.

I also used this same recipe to make squash and zucchini chips. Yum!

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