Friday, July 15, 2011

Watermelon Juice

Only a few more days till I am home in Odessa, TEXAS! Yeah! I can't wait to get back to see our families. I am leaving Monday and then Jeffrey will come on Thursday. His 10 year High School reunion is next weekend, so we will also be attending that. Now if only I can get through Carmageddon......

You may not consider this a dessert, but I do! I LOVE watermelon! It is so refreshing. This is actually a perfect dessert for the hot summer.

Watermelon Juice

Seedless Watermelon
2-4 Tbsp of sugar
Cut watermelon off rind and into large chunks.

Working in batches, blend chunks of watermelon into puree.

Pour through a strainer.
It use a spoon to stir the puree and it will strain through faster. It will take a while to get all the juice through.
Then pour out the puree and strain through again. This is how much I caught the second time.
Depending on how sweet your watermelon is you can decide how much sugar you need to add.
Serve chilled over ice. You can also squeeze some lime into it if you like!

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