Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Keith Christmas Part 2: Cooking for 18

It has come a tradition that each year the Young Girls take 1 night to cook for the family. Naturally I have taken on the duty of planning the meals and my fellow girlies are my sous chefs. Here are posts from past years.. Here Here Here Here Here
This Year's Menu:
Cabbage Salad (made by Aunt Kathy)
We didn't make a dessert because there was so much leftover sweets in the house

I have made these chips many times for the family. They are Mel's favorite so she requested them again this year. I used Trader Joe's balsamic glaze, it made them super easy to make!
 It is a special treat that Timmy offers (more like I beg him) to be my personal photographer on this night each year. Since he is a professional, these photos are always my favorites. Thanks Timmy!

 uh-huh they are good!
 Mel delights in her favorite dish of the night.
 Scratching her hubby's back while he squeezes the limes.

 Perfect photo of my beautiful SIL!
 In they go. I pre-cooked the chicken a little before grilling because it was soooo cold outside!
 Having a personal photographer means he follows you to the bathroom...
 And waits until you come out...

 My bestie, Katie and her hubby Brian got to join us for dinner! She was in charge of the timer for the cauliflower wings.

 A break in the cooking for the Keith family photos...Mommasita was ready!
 Our sweet parents! Love you Mommasita and Pinkie!
 James...always a sneeky one, haha!

 My favorite by far!
 even more interesting
 Hey, hey, hey
 You can tell he was feeling better this night..
 Silly Hubby
 Carol wanted in on the action. Ohh lala! Katy says "Oh Auntie, you look fab!"
 Back to cooking. Blue cheese dressing for the wings.
 Yum, they were a huge hit!
 Cooking next to some of my favorite girlies, it doesn't get better than this!

 Nice shot Timmy. I wish you could photograph all of my blogs!
 Testing the rice.
 It is still not done!
 Finally plating the food for 18 people.

Best thing about moving our Christmas to Fort Worth is getting to see her! Love you Katie!

 They are silly too!
 I am pooped.
 Give me some chocolate...

The new cookbooks I got for Christmas have me inspired to get back in the kitchen. I went to the grocery store today and got back to cookin! The blog will be back to normal with new recipes next time.

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