Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vinegar Glossed Chicken

I love new cook books! My mom bought be 2 for Christmas and my hubby bought me one. We all use the internet and pinterest for recipes, but I still find the most inspiration through cookbooks and food magazines. This is recipe is from the one my hubby gave me (picture below). I LOVED this recipe. I need to work on perfecting it, as my chicken legs didn't cook through, but the flavors were amazing.

Vinegar Glossed Chicken

I attempted to cut up my first whole chicken...It didn't turn out so well. Next time I will pay the extra money to have it cut up for me, ha!
1 whole chicken cut into pieces
2 Tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper
3/4 cup chicken broth
1 cup red wine vinegar
3 Tbsp chopped rosemary
2-3 garlic cloves minced
Mince garlic and chop rosemary.
Stir together rosemary, garlic and vinegar. Do this first because this mixture needs to set for at least 20 minutes.
Season chicken with salt and pepper. (I cut this recipe in half since it was just J and I. Next time I will make the whole thing, it was really delicious and I think it is easier to cook it as a whole recipe).
Heat oil in either a cast iron skillet or a heavy cast iron dutch oven. I think next time I will use my dutch oven. Once oil is really hot, work in batches to brown each piece for at least 5 minutes. Remove from skillet and do next batch. In the end my legs didn't cook completely through so I think I would leave the legs for 10 minutes during this step.

Place all pieces back in the skillet and pour in chicken broth. Reduce heat to a simmer.
Cook for 20 minutes, turning pieces occasionally.
Pour vinegar mixture into pan and swirl around the skillet.
Turn heat back up and cook for 15 more minutes.
The sauce will reduce to a glaze.
Serve chicken topped with a little glaze. My recipe for pureed cauliflower with roasted vegetables will come next. It is a great side dish for this chicken.

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