Friday, May 31, 2013

Italian Sammies

Sorry I have not been blogging lately. I broke my SIM card reader so I couldn't upload my photos until a new one came in. I just uploaded 8 new recipes so I will be posting more I promise!

When we were in Philly we went to a French restaurant for brunch. Trouble was, they were not serving brunch that day. Katy and I decided to split a sandwich. It was incredible! I took note of what was on it so I could recreate it at home. I see now that it is funny that I got an Italian sandwich at a French place, but oh well it was delicious!

Italian Sammies

Artisian Rolls
Salami slices
Pepperoni slices
muenster cheese slices (or whatever cheese you want to use)
cornichons (baby pickles)
cherry tomatoes
mini sweet peppers
mustard vinaigrette

Mustard vinaigrette
1 tsp good dijion mustard
1 tsp white wine vinegar
1 1/2 tsp olive oil
pinch salt
pinch italian seasonings

Stir together mustard vinaigrette. Slice pickles and cherry tomatoes in half. Slice mini peppers into strips.
Slice rolls in half and toast in the toaster.
Drizzle vinaigrette onto both sides of the rolls.
Top with cheese, pepperoni and salami. 
Place 3 pickle halves, 3 pepper strips, 2 cherry tomato halves and a bunch of lettuce on each sandwich.
Stick a toothpick in it and your done! These are SOOO good! I have had them for lunch many times the past few weeks.
Side note: I realized recently that my taste buds have changed again. I really like mustard now. My whole life I hated mustard, especially yellow mustard on sandwiches or hot dogs. This is very exciting! I continue to hope I will one day like can dream...

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