Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Citrus Swiss Chard

I get a farm box from Farm Fresh to You every 2 weeks. It is really fun because vegetables that I have never used arrive at my door step and I have to figure out how to use them. I have never made or eaten Swiss Chard so I went to the internet to find a recipe. This is an adaptation of a Martha Stewart recipe. It was a great alternative to the oh so popular Kale!

Citrus Swiss Chard
1 bunch of Swiss Chard
1 Tbsp olive oil
zest from 1 orange, cut into wide strips
2 Tbsp orange juice
salt and pepper
Use a vegetable peeler to remove zest into wide strips.
Wash and dry the chard, removing the thick stems. Tear into pieces.
Juice 2 Tbsp from the orange.
In a large skillet, heat oil on medium. Add chard and zest to pan. Cook tossing until chard wilts.

Season with salt and pepper.
Add juice and toss for 1 minute to coat.
Serve immediately.

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Emily said...

Swiss chard (or any leafy green veggie) also makes a great pesto!