Saturday, June 11, 2016

Freezer Meals for Post-Baby

Still in the waiting game....BUT my mom arrives today so now little girl has full permission to come out! Hopefully we won't be waiting for another full week! Mom and Dad are ready to meet you little Diane! Speaking of mom and dad. We have thankfully had a lot of down time together the past few weekends. Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip down to San Clemente on the train. It was so fun! We saw so many families on the boardwalk and on the beach, it made us very excited for all the fun to come!
Ready to board the Amtrak at Union Station.
 View of the beach from the train.
 On the board walk.
 Big Momma on the beach!
 Soon to be parents!

I worked for a few hours last week on making some meals for after we have the baby. Mostly I made meals that serve 2 for when J and I are alone. My mom and Mommasita will be here for a little bit helping us out, but afterward, we will need supplies! My experience working at Dream Dinners made this really easy. Some of the recipes are versions of the Dream Dinner meals. I made 14 meals in 3 hours!

14 Freezer Meals for Post-Baby
Click on each recipe below for recipes to each of these meals.
Stuffed Shells - 2 Trays
Beef Enchiladas -2 Trays
Cheese Burgers

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