Key Features To Look For in Electric Knife Sharpeners

Over time, even the highest quality knives can become dull. Rather than sharpening them manually using a sharpening stone, you may want to consider investing in an electric knife sharpener. These tools make quick work of sharpening knives, providing a convenient way to keep your knives sharp and ready to use whenever you need them.

Because there are so many electric knife sharpeners on the market (visit for a full list of the top options), it is important to know which features to look for. Consider choosing a sharpener that has the following characteristics:

1. A high-quality abrasive surface

When a knife is placed in a sharpener, it comes in contact with an abrasive surface. This surface can be made from a variety of different materials including ceramic, tungsten carbide, and diamond. Of these three options, diamond is usually considered to be the best choice. Because it is the hardest material, it allows you to sharpen knives much more quickly.

2. Preset sharpening angles

Holding the knife at the proper angle against the abrasive surface is essential if you want the knife to be accurately sharpened. The best electric sharpeners have preset sharpening angles, allowing you to choose the right angle for the knives that you are grinding. This can increase the precision during the sharpening process, resulting in sharper blades.

3. The ability to sharpen both sides of the blade at the same time

Ideally, you should look for a knife sharpener that allows you to sharpen both sides of the blade at once rather than having to sharpen each side independently. Not only can this save you a lot of time but it also can result in a sharper edge on your blade.

4. Built-in safety features

Anytime you handle knives; safety should be one of your top priorities. Look for a knife sharpener that has non-slip feet on the bottom to help hold it in place while it is in use. That way, you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your control while you have a knife in your hand.

You should also look for a sharpener that has rails that are designed to guide the knife into the sharpening slot and to hold it in place securely. There should always be some physical barrier between your hand and the sharpening surface.

When shopping for electric knife sharpeners, be sure to think about all of these features. You should look for a knife sharpener that has a high-quality abrasive surface, preset sharpening angles, the ability to sharpen both sides of the blade at once, and built-in safety features to prevent accidents.