Common Cooking Techniques Everyone Should Know

cooking with a skilletIf you are branching out with your cooking, there are many techniques that you need to know. These cooking techniques are commonly used to make a range of different dishes. It is important that you know what they are and what you need for them.

Slow Roasting

Slow roasting is one of the most hands-off cooking techniques but will get the most flavor from your food. As the name suggests, you are going to be cooking food slowly which means that you need time. Slow roasting is done in the oven at low heat with a covered container. Covering an open container with foil will also work for this cooking technique.


Poaching is something that many people confuse with boiling, but they are different techniques. Poaching is the cooking technique where you use flavored liquid to cook at a low simmer. According to this will result in a moist and well-seasoned dish.
Poaching is a good technique to know as it offers you a lot of leeway when you cook. This is a go-to technique for fish fillets and plump chicken breasts which can cook unevenly at higher heats. The broth that is used will also help to flavor the dish while it is cooking.

Blanch And Shock

If you want to keep the nutrients and color of vegetables, you need to know how to blanch and shock them. Blanching is the first step that you need to take which is to boil the vegetables briefly in water. Shocking will be when you cook the vegetables quickly in an ice water bath.

This cooking technique will help you fir the flesh of the vegetables while loosening the skin. This will make peeling very easy. You can also use the technique for herbs and fruit to retain the colors and nutrients. Find out more about this technique on Skillshare. You can also get cooking advice on Kinja and over at


If you love to eat homemade dressing, you need to know how to emulsify. This is a cooking technique which allows you to combine two liquids that do not mix such as vinegar and oil.

However, it is important to note that this technique requires a lot of patience and you should never rush this technique.
To use this technique, you will have to add the oil to the vinegar a drop at a time. While you add the oil, you will need to constantly whisk the mixture. You should then work up to a slow and steady drizzle while maintaining the whisking.