About This Blog

When I got married, I was looking for a job while adjusting to married life in a new city and state (Los Angeles.) I was having fun cooking for Jeffrey every night and thought it would be fun to share the recipes with my friends and family; while at the same time, updating them on how we are doing Cali.

Cooking has been a part of my life since I was 6; when my mom and grandmother opened a tea room called Look Who's Cookin'. Sometimes I forget that I am sorta weird and know an abnormal amount of information about food and cooking compared to other women my age...This blog is to help those who are interested in cooking, but want a little extra help. Cooking is not scary, it is not a burden, it is fun!

Characters in the blog:
Protein Boy: My hubby Jeffrey, whose only request for dinner is a protein and a carb!
3Bs: My besties in Lala land, Megan and Emily! "3Bs" stands for "Blonde, BSF, Babes."
Mommasita: Jeffrey's mom, Michelle. She doesn't like the name "Mother-in-law" so this is her name.
I am sure you can figure out the others....but just in case...the master chef (my mom Renne), seester (Ivy), bestie in Fort Worth (Katie Wheeler), bible study (BSF) ok I think you get the point....