This Week's Menu

I cook dinner every single I am not lying! I love to do it and it saves us a lot of money, as living in LA is expensive! The only way I can keep up with my husband, cooking, cleaning, work, BSF, my television shows, and everything else in my life, is to create a menu and stick to it. I thought it would be fun for you to see what is on our menu each week. So now when I make my menus I will post them on here too, not just my refrigerator.  PS: Click here to see my blog post about how I create my menus.

March 21-27th

Monday: Jalapeno Lime Chicken Alfredo
Tuesday: 3Bs dinner out!
Wednesday: Grown up Hamburger Helper
ThursdaySummer Shrimp Stir Fry
Friday: Gorgonzola Burger
Saturday: Fiesta Chicken Bundles
Sunday: Basil Lime Chicken over Pasta

Jane's Bran muffins

**Red indicates a new recipe that will be upcoming on the blog!
PS: I will often change which days I have scheduled to make the meals on.